Its been almost 6 months since my last conference - keeping busy at work has definitely brought down my average. I won't be speaking this time but am very much looking forward to HTML5DevConf in San Francisco next week.

I just spent some time going through the schedule and this is a current lineup of sessions I'd like to attend: 

  • Implementing Web Components at scale
  • Harnessing the power of UI Components
  • Bringing Web content to the Big Screen with Google Cast
  • Building Games for Every Platform with HTML5
  • WAI-ARIA: Awesome for Everyone
  • Engaging Apps: Service Workers, Push, and Notifications
  • The Physical Web
  • Generating Real Time Imagery Using HTML5
  • The Lesser Known Features of ECMAScript 6
  • Persistent Mobile JavaScript - Tips & Tricks
  • Data Structures with Javascript
  • Well-Designed Development: Sass for Engineers
  • Responsible Responsive
  • FlexJS - An Introduction
  • Performance Optimization Automation for Client-Side Applications
  • Chrome Apps for Mobile, using Apache Cordova
  • Theory and Practice of Functional Reactive Javascript
  • Responsive Web Design Meets the Mobile HTML5 Hybrid App
  • Freeing the Floats of the Future From the Tyranny of the Rectangle
  • Using Typescript in a big open source project
  • The web is your API: feeds and actions using HTML5 and webmentions

If you're going to be around at Moscone, please come say hi!