I was happy to see this video by Dave McAllister, Open Standards Evangelist at Adobe, talking about Adobe's take on open initiatives and how that involves community.
There are some common misconceptions about Adobe being very concerned with keeping their core technologies closed and proprietary while, more so than many other leading technology companies, the opposite is true. Even more so in the last few years.

(via Serge Jespers)

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There's a bunch of people in Adobe's community programs that volunteer a good deal of their spare time answering questions, blogging, organizing a local user group etc. If you are planning to attend Adobe MAX and want to help them make it there as well -- its easy. When registering for the conference, just be sure to put their name in the "Community Membership" section of the contact page.

Community Membership

When five people register under their name, they get a free pass to Adobe MAX.

Before you do, please make sure:

  • the person wants to attend MAX

  • is a member of the community programs (User Group Managers, Community Experts, ...)
  • is not already a MAX speaker or has a ticket
  • is eligible under the following terms:

    "The Promotion is open to all user group managers, association leaders and Adobe community experts (“Participant”) invited to participate age 18 years or older who are legal residents of the United States, Canada (excluding the Province of Quebec), Australia, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom who are in good standing with the Adobe community, as determined by Adobe in Adobe’s sole discretion."


If you don't know who to support: check with your local user group manager, someone who's been particularly helpful on a mailinglist or forum etc.

Still don't know anybody? My fellow community expert here in Belgium, Cyril Hanquez, is still looking for some people to register so he can attend the conference (he already has his flight and hotel). I'm sure he'd be happy to buy you a beer as a thank you.

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I'm excited to have gotten invited again to give a talk at this years Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles, October 4-7th. The session is called "Community Matters" and is not the usual technical talk I do but targeted at a more general audience. This is the official session description:

"Explore the broad landscape of active user communities for the entire Adobe product range, from open source projects using Flash technology to public bugbases and mailing lists to worldwide user groups and tutorial websites. We'll look at the range of programs available, including both Adobe and third-party resources. Walk away with all the information you need to get involved and share your knowledge, network with fellows and make your life easier."

I will mostly be discussing Adobe's various community programs and how you can get involved, contribute and get the most out of connecting with the online community.

If you're interested to attend, be sure to mark it in your MAX session scheduler -- Monday October 5th at 2pm in meeting room 503 of the L.A. Convention Centre. Hope to see you there!