Earlier this month video2brain released their new subscription plan that gets you access to no less than 139 courses (or 532 hours of video training) on a variety of topics. With the holidays coming up you might find you finally have a bit of time to work on your technology skills, so feel free to check it out. A couple of training titles I can highly recommend:

These are just based on my own interests - there are courses on photography, audio/video editing, introductions to a wide range of different programming languages,...

They've got some very competitive introductory pricing going for either monthly or annual subscriptions and give you a three year price guarantee. The Standard option gives you unlimited access to all 139 courses, Gold lets you download all the project files and the Platinum option (annual subscription only) also lets you download the courses.

Can highly recommend you give it a try, normal pricing starts at $14.99 for a full month but as a video2brain author I've been given an affiliate link that gets you a nice additional discount.

Give it a go, I'm a fan of the people at video2brain - let me know what you think!

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I realize I haven't been blogging a lot about what I've been up to in the last few months so thought I'd better get a post out and share some of those things with you.

Cocoon P2P

The open source Cocoon P2P library has been released and got Dirk Eismann on board as a contributor after speaking at FFK11 in April. With his help we were able to take it from more of a proof of concept to a solid solution for doing local IP multicast with the Flash Player (no server required).

We have great support for device discovery, messaging and object-replication. Reworking the video streaming and fixing some bugs on the accelerometer support is still on my todo list for the very near future.

HTML5 Solutions

I've had the pleasure to work on a book called "HTML5 Solutions: Essential Techniques for HTML5 Developers" with fellow authors Marco Casario, Charles Brown, Nathalie Wormser and Cyril Hanquez.

My contribution to the book is on using the Geolocation API - which, if you haven't already tried it - is one of the most exciting features that is starting to become widely available with HTML5.

It turned out - in my humble opinion - to be a very good publication and should be shipping soon. I can't wait to get hold of my author copies and hear reader feedback when it hits the stores.

Mobile Development with Flash video training

Together with Joseph Labrecque I've recorded a video training title for Peachpit called "Mobile Development with Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 and Flash Builder 4.5: Learn by Video" that is now available for pre-order.

We cover developing for Google Android and Apple iOS with Adobe AIR, ActionScript and the Flex framework from the very start of setting up your application, to using various APIs, debugging and finally submitting it to the marketplace and app store.

I had a great time recording this title in Graz, Austria with the nice folks at video2brain.

Mobile application development

I've been playing around with different mobile platforms - releasing a couple of applications for Window Phone 7, Google Android and Apple iOS as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook.

VAT validator on WP7 and Android

A while back I was giving the opportunity to do some development on Windows Phone 7 and have to admit it was a very nice experience and a solid development platform. Most of all the app submission and approval process was incredible, consistently taking only 2 days and getting detailed feedback on any problems they find - the best I've seen on any curated marketplace so far.

I decided to port the VAT validator app I had built some years back for iPhone in Objective-C in C#/Silverlight and did the same on Android through the Adobe AIR runtime. Also took the opportunity to test ad integration on mobile and made paid and free ad-supported versions to compare how well they do. I hope to share some statistics soon on how that goes and what model is most suitable for developers that do utility apps.

Sanskrit Clock iPad app

I thought it was high time to explore native development on Apple iOS again and see what the app store experience is like since I last tried it in 2008. Approval time has certainly improved and in less than a week after submitted, my Sanskrit Clock iPad app made it on the store.

Not sure how many people are interested in an app like this (aside from the handful of geeky Sanskrit enthusiasts like myself) but it includes optional romanized transliteration of the numerals, a couple of different color themes and a setting to disable the screen lock so you can use it as a clock on your desk or nightstand.

TWiT Live for PlayBook

TWiT Live is my second PlayBook app that lets you watch the live stream of Leo Laporte's TWiT network shows. I plan to add support for play/pause, volume control and switching between high and low quality streams some time soon.

It doesn't look like things are slowing down for me any time soon, end of next week I'm moving to London to start my new job at Google as a Rich Media Flash Developer. If I manage to find the time I'll be delving deeper into native Android development to do some experiments with widget development and other fun stuff.

Onwards and upwards!


Hej Danmark, vi ses snart! When planning my schedule for 2009 got some good news from Skills Matter, my training partner in the UK, we'll be taking the "Core ActionScript: Object-Oriented ActionScript in Practice" course to Århus, Denmark.

If you're not already familiar with this particular course, its a two-day introduction to Object-Oriented ActionScript 3.0 with a strong focus on Flex. You'll learn about concepts like classes, inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism but more importantly learn how to implement it in real-world projects.

Hope to see you there!

More information here: http://skillsmatter.com/go/ajax-ria

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When you go to conferences as much as I do and meet up with old friends and acquaintances, the number one question is: "So, Peter what have you been up to?". I realized that, unless you follow me on twitter and actually read the dozens of messages I post there every week, fairly few people have a clue what I've been doing these last few months. Well here goes, apart from the Object-Oriented ActionScript 3.0 courses I teach in Belgium and the UK, I spend a good bit of time tech reviewing several books. Two great titles that are coming out soon are AdvancED Flex 3 (Friends of ED) and the Adobe AIR Cookbook (O'Reilly).

AdvancED Flex 3 Adobe AIR Cookbook

I'm also co-authoring a couple of books, one that has already been announced is AdvancED AIR Applications (Friends of ED).

Turns out I've so far attended 10 events and conferences this year, presented a total 12 sessions and have enjoyed every minute! That said I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep things going at that rate.

While I'd love to be in the position to speak at all conferences that would like to have me over, unless my basic travel and accommodation expenses can be covered (which thankfully and increasing number of conferences are able to do), I'm going to have to become very selective in what I take on. I'd prefer to spend my personal travel budget on community events that genuinely have limited resources or are just starting out. That's not a dig at Adobe MAX by the way, there are different reasons why I won't be speaking there this year.

The ActionScript Conference in Singapore is going to be my last conference speaking engagement of the year and have not confirmed anything for 2009 as of yet.

We'll see how things go, after Singapore I'm heading to India for a couple of weeks and will get back to business again by the end of November.

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Meet the GuruI'm excited to be partnering up with Comtaste for their "Meet the Guru" training sessions starting this October in London. October 13-15th, I'll be doing a three day course on "Programming ActionScript 3 for Flex 3", covering everything you'll need to get started with ActionScript 3.0 development for your Flex-based Rich Internet Applications.

Later that month Marco Casario is doing a "Flex 3 and Flex Builder 3" course and Koen de Weggheleire will be teaching "Developing desktop applications with AIR, Ajax and Flex".

Needless to say these are going to be great events and a fantastic opportunity to get up to speed with the latest Adobe technology has to offer!

The courses take place at the Lafone House, The Leathermarket - Weston Street in London. Its a bring your own laptop event, course material that attendees get will include the books "Flex Solutions: Essential Techniques for Flex 2 and 3 Developers" and "Object-Oriented ActionScript 3.0".

If you use the discount code "Peter" you'll get a 5% discount when registering for the training. Hope to see you there!
More information and registration here


I traveled to London yesterday to do an "In-the-Brain" session on ActionScript 3.0 with the wonderful people at SkillsMatter. Had a nice group of enthusiastic people turn up, gave away a few copies of my "Object-Oriented ActionScript 3.0" book and went out to the pub afterwards. This session was a little teaser for the "Core ActionScript: Object Oriented ActionScript in Practice" course that I'll be teaching with them starting in April.

Thought I'd share the slides for those of you that weren't able to attend. Nothing fancy but always enjoy looking back at the Flash authoring environment throughout the years. We've come a long way!


I'm really looking forward to my In-the-Brain session at SkillsMatter in London next Wednesday evening, February 13th. I'll be covering the basics of ActionScript 3.0, new features of the language and several examples of inspirational projects (mostly from the vibrant open source Flash community) that show the power of the new virtual machine that was introduced with Flash Player 9.

If you're in the area and want to attend this free event, just register on their website.

Starting in a April I'll also be teaching the 2-day "Core ActionScript: Object Oriented ActionScript in Practice" course -- the first few dates have been announced on the SkillsMatter website. Further dates for my "Object-Oriented ActionScript 3.0" course in the Benelux will be coming soon.

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!


I'm excited to announce that I've finally got my training curriculum worked out and will start delivering courses on ActionScript 3.0, Flex and Adobe AIR in early 2008. As many of you know I've spent most of last year traveling and speaking at various conferences. I saw this as a great opportunity to try out different ideas, get feedback and fine tune my training material. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and constructive and would hereby like to thank everyone that sent in their thoughts.

I've joined forces with training partners SkillsMatter (UK, Ireland and Scandinavia) and Multimediacollege (Belgium, Luxembourg) to deliver these courses and am available for custom training and consultancy worldwide.

SkillsMatter            Multimediacollege

More information as the courses roll out, in the meanwhile I've got a first event happening at Multimediacollege:

» AfterHours, January 17th - An indepth look at AIR API's

I look forward to the first training events kicking off in the next few months. If you'd like more information on the various courses and training solutions feel free to get in touch!

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