With Flash on the Beach just a few weeks away, decided to take a look at the schedule and see what sessions I definitely don't want to miss ;) Day 1 - December 4th

  • Tink's session on Flex 2 - can't think of a better way to start the conference, always good for a laugh and some solid tips and tricks
  • Brendan Hall's "Explorations with AS3" - its been a while since I've last seen him in action and have to admit I'm a bit of a groupie, oh and I live and breath AS3 these days so certainly don't want to miss this.
  • next up either Aral's session or the open mic with the Mike's
  • Mark Anders' session on custom Flex components seems to hit the spot, though Erik Natzke is always nice to see

* Ice-Breaker party *

Day 2 - December 5th

  • Mike Jones' session on Flex component development sounds great
  • Joey Lott on ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns

should probably be at my own session on JSFL next, promises to be really cool -- got some pretty swanky examples in the works so if you're into extending the Flash IDE be sure to attend!

  • Keith Peters' "ActionScript 3.0 for animation" - always top quality sessions
  • Need to attend Rich's Flash Lite 2 session to have an excuse to finally start doing some Flash for mobile development

* main party *

Day 3 - December 6th

  • Seb Lee-Delisle on Flash and 3D or Geoff Stearns on Flash in a Web 2.0 world
  • more than likely Niqui's session on accessibility, need to brush up on the topic
  • Hoss Gifford - he's a regular on my to-see list
  • Chris Curzon - Artificially Intelligent ActionScript, sounds complex but look forward to learning all about it
  • Mario Klingemann's session will no doubt be a jaw-dropper

Be sure to drop me a message if you're planning to attend (and you'd better have a good excuse not to attend with this great lineup!) ;)

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Its been several months since I first announced FlashExtensibility.com, but have finally found the time to get it up and running! The idea behind this site is to provide an open source repository of JSFL scripts, everyone can get involved and share their work. Right now I've got experiments up that I did for a couple of Flash conferences. Some of the examples are still work in progress or just a proof of concept -- feel free to play around with the code, debug and/or add features.

Looking forward to seeing this develop into an active community site -- if you're at all interested in extending the Flash IDE, make sure to get involved!

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If you're into JSFL you'll no doubt know about "Extending Flash MX 2004" by Keith Peters and Todd Yard which is essentially the bible on Flash extensibility (though I have to admit there is little competition).

After reading Keith is letting the accompanying domain FlashExtensibility.com go, I got in touch and he graciously transferred the domain to me. Pretty cool, looking forward to building it up to a nice little resource on extending the Flash IDE!

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