"Challenges that bring great opportunities" is how I'd summarize what I've seen of the Flex summit so far. Adobe has invited some key Flex community members and enterprise partners to discuss the open source strategy around Flex and shed light on its commitment to the Flash Platform runtimes.
Here is some of the more interesting news that came out of the discussions:

  • Adobe has legal clearance to submit Flex to the Apache Software Foundation, the incubation proposal will be submitted in the coming weeks

  • Adobe will not be offering any commercial support contracts for Flex 4.6 and higher, though will honor existing contracts and continue offering support for the foreseeable future.
  • Flash Builder is continuing to be developed, the next version will not have Design View
  • Flash Catalyst is being discontinued
  • Adobe is investigating HTML5 but doesn't have a framework in the pipeline that would allow migrating enterprise Flex functionality.
  • Danny Winokur acknowledges Adobe's communication blunder and resulting trust deficit
  • Adobe wants to continue to innovate with the Flash Platform, gaming and premium video are features that will drive it - but will not be limited to just those areas.
  • There is a firm commitment to AIR on Android, iOS and BlackBerry PlayBook.
  • Discussion with Microsoft is ongoing about AIR application support in Windows 8 Metro.
  • Falcon compiler is under development, current timeline is early second half 2012 for AS3 support, late 2012 for MXML. Based on the discussions at the summit, there is a keen interest to get Falcon contributed as open source and have the community help work on it.
  • Falcon JS is a research project and Adobe seems very reluctant in making any promises that this will turn into a viable product to cross compile real world applications to HTML/CSS/SVG/JS.

If the news about Flex going open source came at any other time, I believe just about everyone in the community would be jumping for joy. The fact that it was announced in the wake of a general sense that Adobe is starting to abandon its Flash Platform technology is what made it problematic. That said, there are certainly valid concerns - especially for the enterprise market that makes huge long term investments and Adobe wil have a tough time reclaiming trust with them.

I was skeptical about what this summit was supposed to achieve but have to say the open discussion has been great and Adobe is clearly looking to find ways to recover from the horrible communication disaster of this last month.

I'd like to thank those attending, Mike Labriola and Leif Wells in particular for being so vocal in representing community frustrations and getting Adobe to acknowledge them.

There's more news coming out today (here is a live stream and you can ask questions through twitter using the #flexsummit hashtag), I might follow up on developments in a later blog post. In the meanwhile there are recordings available that you can watch of yesterdays discussions.
- Discussion, Q&A with Danny Winokur - Flash Platform and Flex updates - Falcon and Falcon JS

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I've been meaning to attend gotoAndSki for several years now, but it never seemed to work out - until now. If you don't know about this unique event you should definitely check it out! In summer it takes place in Norway, in winter in Switzerland.

This coming January 2012 I'll join a fantastic lineup of speakers (Mario Klingemann, Mihai Corlan, Bhakti Pingale, Michael Plank, Steven Peeters, Dominic Graefen, Hugo Fernandes, Eugene Zatepyakin) in the beautiful town of Stechelberg. Its a relatively small scale conference, giving you excellent opportunity for networking and general "geeking out".

During the day you can get out and see the Swiss Alps, ski or do other fun activities. The evening is conference time with several sessions over a period of three days.
My session is called "Simple P2P with Flash & Flex for the common mortal" and I'll be showing the latest developments of the CocoonP2P framework. I'll show how to set up device discovery, messaging, file sharing, video streaming (and hopefully some other cool surprises) between various devices *all without a server*.

The goal is to make it so easy your grandmother could do it - and I think we've pretty much accomplished that.
I hope to see you there, if you want to make it out - be sure to grab your ticket now - its without a doubt the best conference deal around (not to mention it includes accommodation and all your meals).


I took a couple of videos with my Flip cam at the Adobe MAX awards and sneak peeks that I'd thought to share on the blog - Rainn Wilson was hilarious as a guest host and as usual there were some very good examples of technology the teams are experimenting with.


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This was my fifth year attending Adobe MAX, always a great event to catch up on the latest developments when it comes to web and creative tooling. Its also an opportunity to see many friends, fellow enthusiasts in the community who we usually only get to talk to over email or social networks.

This year was somehow different and looking back I think it could very well be the edition where a new course was chartered for the Flash Platform.


Some argue that the keynotes were more marketing than substance, which I agree with to a certain extent. What stood out more to me were the opening remarks by Danny Winokur - VP of Flash Client Platform - for the first time clearly positioning Flash and HTML5 in the Adobe realm and reaffirming the commitment to supporting standards and providing the best tools regardless of the technology.


A lot of the drama of previous years has settled down, though there was still an undertone of discomfort with some on how to adapt to this brave new world and how it affects everyone individually. I think a lot of the unhappy comments I've seen are based more on a latent fear than any objective concerns. Being Switzerland is tough but the neutral, platform agnostic approach has always been part of Adobe's DNA.

Using the Flash Platform to innovate and actively work to get those innovations subsequently adopted back into web standards is a great approach that I fully support. It not only allows innovation on the web to happen at a much faster pace, it also ensures there is always a fallback mechanism when native browser support falls short.


CSS regions, exclusions and shaders (which was particularly impressive) are great examples of how Adobe can help drive innovation on the web standards side. The acquisition of Typekit and Nitobi (and as such closer ties to PhoneGap) help solidify this and I'm convinced it wil make open source and web standards even more of a cornerstone in what the company does.

On the Flash runtime side we have some great enhancements with native extensions, GPU acceleration, Stage3D,... gaming and mobile being on the forefront but not exclusively what is being focussed on.


The last day of the conference brought us the sad news of Steve Jobs passing away. Its fair to say the relationship with Apple has been strained over the last few years and the "Thoughts on Flash" letter did not help ease the tension. While I still fundamentally disagree with many of the points outlined in the letter, it certainly did stir things up, forced us to do some introspection. There is much stronger commitment from various partners in adopting HTML5 and web standards which in turn caused a need for the Flash Player to start further innovating.


Unlike how tech journalists and enthusiasts on both sides like to portray the situation, things are rarely black or white - HTML5 and Flash are not mutually exclusive and in fact in many cases complementary - something I've come to appreciate more in my new day job at Google.

I for one am very excited about where things are going and seeing a new drive for innovation in the Flash Platform. The engineers are doing an outstanding job considering the advanced new features being worked on and the moving target of new devices that need to be supported


The sneaks, MAX bash and the community summit on Sunday really made the event for me - special thanks to Rachel, Aaron, John and Liz for their hard work and continued support.


Bring on Adobe MAX 2012!



Just two more weeks before this years FFK conference in Cologne, Germany organized by Marc Thiele and Sascha Wolter. I've headed over a couple of times to attend workshops but this year I'm lucky enough to present at this great event! I'm very excited to see the lineup of speakers and put together a draft schedule of sessions I don't want to miss.

Wednesday April 6th Adobe Keynote - Mike Chambers, Deepa Subramaniam The Dawn of A New Era: Flash Builder and Flex SDK 4.5 - Deepa Subramaniam Improved Technology - Joa Ebert Integrating Flash and HTML5 - Mike Chambers Beyond GUI - Wolfgang Henseler

Thursday April 7th Into the molehill - An inside view - Malte Beyer The game is on! - Michel Wacker Don't Hate the Player - Lee Brimelow Keeping it Real - David Lenaerts Exploring the Kinect - Dennis Ippel Fillings for Rectangles - Brendan Dawes

My own session will be about P2P on the local network without a server using Flash Player and AIR . Its an updated version of the material I presented at Adobe MAX and FlashCamp Chennai.

Hope to see you there, tickets are still available if you didn't get one yet!


This years Adobe MAX conference is fast approaching, end of next week myself and Nathalie Wormser of the Project Cocoon team will be traveling to Los Angeles. Its been a long time since I've been this excited about the topic I'll be talking about. If you haven't tried P2P with Flash Player 10.1 yet, this is your chance to learn how to use it. In our session we'll talk about how to do device discovery on the local network, send data between mobile to desktop applications, use mobile specific APIs like the accelerometer etc. to have those control desktop applications, games -- all this without requiring a connection to a server.

After the conference I'll be blogging about this a lot more, but if you're there feel free to register for our session.

Looking at the MAX session schedule there are some themes that jump out: Flash Player and AIR for mobile and television, new 3D features for Flash Player and HTML5 with Dreamweaver. Of those things the one I didn't expect to break through was Flash Player for television (presumably we're talking Google TV to start with). I'm sure Adobe has a couple of other surprises up their sleeves as they usually do.

Here is a look at the sessions I registered for:

Monday, October 25, 2010

9:30 am - 11:30 am General Session: Welcome to the Revolution Nokia Theatre, L.A. Live 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Deep Dive into Flash Player Rendering 512 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Flash Platform for TV: A New Ecosystem 513 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm How to Build Adobe AIR Apps for the iPhone and Android 514 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Meet the Teams Los Angeles Convention Center

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

8:30 am - 9:30 am Developer Tips for Building Great Games using AIR for Android 515B 10:00 am - 12:00 pm General Session: User Experience: The Next Generation Nokia Theatre, L.A. Live 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm jQuery: A Web Designer's Secret Sauce 515B 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Building P2P Multiplayer Games 515B 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Flash Player 3D Future 511A 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Sneak Peeks Nokia Theatre, L.A. Live

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

9:30 am - 10:30 am Mobile Devices as Application Controllers 504 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Programming HTML5 Canvas 510 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Developing Your First AIR for TV Application 409B

On the 24th we'll also have our Community Summit event with all the Adobe User Group Managers and Adobe Community Professionals. Thats always a great day and nice to meet up with everyone again.

Hope to see you in LA!


In just under two weeks, we've got the 5th (sold out) edition of Flash on the Beach happening in Brighton and I haven't missed a single year. As I do every year, I've gone over the schedule and made a list of sessions I am likely going to attend. See you there!
Monday, September 27th Adobe Keynote Conrad Winchester - Robotlegs and Signals Rich Shupe - Meet LoaderMax Lee Brimelow - Developing for the Mobile Web Hoss Gifford - Things I have Learned Robert Hodgin - Practice makes perfect, so what are you practicing? Stefan Sagmeister - Design and Happiness

Tuesday, September 28th The Elevator Pitch Mike Chambers - High Performance Mobile Content with Flash Joa Ebert - 1 1 7 11 21 Seb Lee-Delisle - What the Flux? Veronique Brossier - Adobe AIR for Mobile Development Nando Costa - The Other Side Brendan Dawes - Makers of Things

Wednesday, September 29th 6 of the Best - 10 minutes each Iain Lobb - Zero to Game Designer in 60 minutes Ralph Hauwert - UnitZeroOne :: The Discontinuity Frank Reitberger - Triangle affairs Jared Tarbell - The Computational Artifact


There is a bit of a change of plan - rather than give an overview talk on open source projects in the community - I'll be doing my session at Flash on the Beach on Flash Player 10.1 development and the litl webbook. Ever since Flash and the City earlier this year I've been playing around with this somewhat unusual device and am sold on its potential. It is quite unlike the typical hackable geeky gadget I'm usually interested in but opens up opportunities for web enabled content feeds around the house and of course uses my favorite development platform.

I'll be talking about how you can get started developing channels for this device using the developer SDK and test your work in the simulator or on the device itself. We'll walk through various examples of channels and look at some creative use cases. I'll also be covering best practices for Flash Player 10.1 on devices in general.

It's going to be a fun session and will hopefully inspire you to start experimenting with Flash Player 10.1 content on the litl or a variety of other devices and form factors that are hitting the market.

Hope to see you there!


I was happy to hear Adobe is organizing a huge two day conference in Bangalore, India on August 25th and 26th. The Adobe Flash Platform Summit will no doubt be the place to be if you want to learn about their latest technologies and network with other industry professionals. The first day will cover mostly development and the second day is targeted at designers. I've been lucky enough to speak at both the Adobe DevSummit and Flex@Beach in Chennai and I look forward to being at this event as well representing our small web agency, Project Cocoon.

Now for the even better news, I have some discount codes I can give away to people interested to attend that give you almost 70% off on the ticket price. If you are interested and want to get one, just leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on the future of the Flash Platform. What features would you like to see supported? How do you see the technology being adopted in India? Are there any obstacles to overcome?

The three most creative entries also get a book of their choice thanks to Friends of ED. Winners will be contacted on Thursday evening IST, so please leave a valid email address. If there are more entries than I have available discount codes the winners will be randomly chosen.

Hope to see you in Bangalore this August!

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I'm very excited to have been invited to speak at Flash Israel in Tel Aviv later this month. The event is organized by the Flash and Flex Israel User Group and supported by a number of generous sponsors. It looks like a great lineup of speakers including Mihai Corlan of Adobe, Hillel Coren and Almog Koren and an event not to be missed! My session will be part of an Adobe AIR 2,0 deep dive with Almog where I'll cover how to start using the new features to create cross-platform desktop applications through various examples.

There are less than a handful of tickets still available so if you want be there you need to hurry to register!
It'll be my first visit to Israel so looking forward to seeing some of the country during my few days there. If anyone wants to meet up while I'm over feel free to get in touch!


It was the first time I've made it out to an Adobe User Group Belgium meeting since their relaunch and have to say I was very impressed. We had a fantastic venue in Antwerp and several speakers from Adobe to show off the latest features in Creative Suite 5 that was just shown to the public the day before. The video introduction done for the Belgian user Group by Johnny Loiacono, Adobe's Senior Vice President of the Creative Solutions Business Unit, was a nice way to kick start the evening.

On a personal note I'm very impressed where they've taken it since the humble beginnings of the Macromedia User Group with Serge Jespers and myself. I for one would never have guessed that we'd end up doing regular events of this scale, their ambitious goals are definitely becoming a reality.

I'm happy to see a real community resurgence around Adobe products and technologies, another testament of which was the recent launch of the ColdFusion User Group Belgium.

The next meeting is on April 29th covering Rich Internet Applications and will include among other things a session on LiveCycle ES2 Mosaic and a Flex framework panel discussion (the event will be in English).
Find out more here: www.adobeusergroup.be

Flash and the City banner

The first edition of the Flash and the City conference is 34 days away and thought I'd post a list of sessions I'm planning to attend.

Friday, May 14th Adobe Keynote Ryan Stewart - Geolocation and Mapping with the Flash Platform Ben Stucki - Reflex: The Future of Rich Internet Applications Jeff Tapper - Flex 4 for Flex 3 Developers Jesse Freeman & Jobe Makar - Real World Optimization Carl Sorvino - Chasing the Muse – Inspiration and Creativity Lisa Larson-Kelly - FMS:S Streaming and Beyond!

Saturday, May 15th Kevin Hoyt - Flex + Phidgets = Beer Branden Hall - HYPE: Combining Creativity & Code Chad Udell - Hacking Robots for Fun and Profit Joel Hooks - Robotlegs in the Real World Kevin Schmidt - CFaaS-ColdFusion as a Service Session Panel: Devices with Flash Jesse Warden - Gaia Flash Framework Christian Saylor - The Art of Storytelling

Sunday, May 16th Seb Lee-Delisie - Space Invaders Phillip Kerman - Thinking in ActionScript Simeon Bateman - Getting Git Stacey Mulcahy - Developing for the Social Media Douchebag Wade Arnold - The Web’s Shortest path from A-Z is PHP Jeffry Houser - Flex Components in the Real World Duane Nickull - SEO Secrets, Technology, and Magic Behind Flash
Seriously, how cool is that lineup? Its not too late to join the party, at only $299 (or $249 for students) until May 7th and it includes a New York cruise and dinner and access to numerous activities in the city track. There's also a great series of workshops on May 13th you can register for.

Also, don't forget to nominate people for the Flash and the City awards! Be sure to leave a comment if you're planning to attend.


Yesterday, myself and two colleagues from Project Cocoon made it out to Chennai for Flex@Beach. I did not really know what to expect from the event but was happily surprised about the turnout and excitement around Flex and Flash Platform technology in general. There was a lot of focus on frameworks and architecture as well as some technology demo's and a bit of talk on methodologies. I think you couldn't do a much better session lineup than this for a developer crowd.

Parsley Introduction - Chandra Deepan Mate Introduction - Devaraj AS3Signals - Peter Elst FLAR demo application - Senthil Kumar AIR 2.0 Features and Demo - Ganesh Gandhi Flex 4 Spark Framework - Alaguvel Flash Catalyst Workflow - Michaël Chaize Scrum Agile Methodology - Sakthivel Robotlegs Introduction - Devaraj WebORB .NET & Flex Integration Away3D Introduction - Iyswarya

I particularly liked the short Away3D session by Iyswarya that closed the day and hope she can do a more in depth one next time. Since doing the Away3D workshop in Frankfurt last year I've been very interested in using it more for production work and think I will pick it up again very soon.

Compared to the other talks my AS3Signals session was quite lightweight but it seemed to be well received and its nice to see lots of people excited about the idea of using it in their projects.

As promised here are my slides for the presentation:

The closing remarks by Philippe Moreau from Adam's Studio India were also representative of a lot of the things I heard from people there. The interest in Flex and Flash Platform technology is picking up at a fast pace in Chennai and they would really like to see more involvement from Adobe in the area.

Ideas such as having an authorized training center and virtual teams for collaborating on projects got brought up and really resonated with people. I think we're seeing the beginnings of a grass roots movement here, the mood was almost revolutionary. In the coming weeks we at Project Cocoon will also evaluate and see how we can help out to make the ecosystem grow.

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There's another new conference coming this year and thats always exciting, but Flash and the City promises to be different. Not only is this the first major Flash conference in NYC in quite a while, its going to be an amazing opportunity to network and meet interesting people. Why so? Well rather than just sit inside and geek out listening to the various sessions, there's something called the "City track" that gets you exploring the "Big Apple" with speakers and fellow attendees. I think this concept could be a real winner, some of the activities you can join in with are:

Even if you don't want to miss any of the speakers and stay in to see all the sessions, there's a 3 hour cruise complete with dinner (and open bar) on Saturday evening included in your ticket.

There's also the Statue of Liberty awards on Sunday evening with a number of categories including "Most significant Open Source Project of the year", "Most influential Flash person of the year" etc. Make sure you get your nominations in before March 31st.

May 13th, the day before the conference there are four different workshops you can attend -- Mobile and Devices, Beginning ActionScript, Flex 4 and AIR 2.0. That last one is definitely one you'll want to attend, AIR 2.0 is some truly mind-blowing technology and you'll learn all about it and get some hands on experience.

I'm excited to be taking the lead for that AIR 2.0 workshop and getting some fantastic speakers on board to help cover all the new features. Don't worry if you're new to Adobe AIR, we'll start out with a basic introduction first and get you going.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now! The way this conference is shaping up, Flash and the City is going to be an iconic event.

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Earlier this week I headed to the Adobe DevSummit event in Chennai and was pleasantly surprised of how vibrant the community here is. No less than 600 people turned up and the rooms were absolutely packed. We had some great talks and hands-on sessions by the Indian Adobe evangelists and various people from the community (including Mrinal Wadhwa, Saurabh Narula, Yash Mody,...) presented in depth sessions on various technologies. I did two sessions on Adobe AIR, one of which covers various examples of AIR APIs and you can see some video excerpts of below.

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I'm almost at the end of my first month in India and have met some fantastic people both in Bangalore and here in Pondicherry. Next week Adobe is holding a DevSummit in Chennai and the week after in Hyderabad. I'm very excited to be invited over to talk about one of my favorite Flash Platform technologies: Adobe AIR. My sessions include a deep dive on various AIR API's called "RIA meets Desktop" and a 15 minute lightning talk about using SQLite local databases with AIR.

I hope to see you there!

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Today was day 1 of the main TEDIndia event. I've been at the wonderful Infosys Mysore campus since Monday and have met some truly extraordinary people. I couldn't help but write a quick summary of todays sessions and what inspired me most.

Usha Uthup
Credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson

Usha Uthup, legendary Indian pop singer, opened with a beautiful rendition of "Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram" -- generally believed to have been Mahatma Gandhi's favorite song, there were quite a few other direct and indirect references to the "Father of the Nation" later in the day.

Hans Rosling
Credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson

The first speaker was the incomparable Hans Rosling, showing some very interesting graphs on Asia's past and future in terms of life expectancy and per capita income. He showed this against a historical context and predicted that it is possible for India - providing certain conditions are met - to reach the same average income as the United Kingdom by the year 2048 (July 27th, in the late afternoon to be precise).

First standing ovation of the day.

Devdutt Pattanaik
Credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson

Next up was Devdutt Pattanaik, talking about mythology and cultural perceptions. He started with the story of the race around the world between Ganesha and Karttikeya -- abstracting this down to subjective truth and personal context. He went on to discuss Alexander the Great and the gymnosophist, linear versus cyclical belief systems. I was most interested how he would be able to tie these ideas into the business world and he did manage to make some compelling arguments there.

Another well deserved standing ovation.

To round off the first session Usha Uthup again came on again to sing a medley from all around the world and got the crowd to stand up, clap, sing dance along. I don't think anyone expected that to spontaneously happen and is - as I am told - generally referred to as a "TED moment".

Dr. R.A. Mashelkar
Credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson

Jumping forward a bit the next speaker I would like to highlight is Dr. R.A. Mashelkar. Coming from an underprivileged background as a child, he grew up to become an eminent scientist. The mantra throughout his talk was: "Getting more, from less, for more" and the idea of "Gandhian Engineering". He makes a good point that when targeting people that can barely get by, its not enough to think about cost cutting, it needs to be about ultra-low cost solutions. He showed various examples, including a very impressive prosthetic leg that could very easily be fitted, allowed to run, jump, climb tries and cost well under 100 USD what would otherwise be 20.000 USD.

This talk to me reinforced the idea that "constraints are the best breeding ground for innovation".

Pranav Mistry
Credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson

Moving on to the last session of the day, one person you'll no doubt here a lot more from in the future is Pranav Mistry. The work he did on Sixth Sense technology, essentially bringing together the physical and digital world, was also featured at a previous TED by Patty Maes (a Belgian native) but he showed a number of interesting new applications. It was great to hear about some of his earlier experiments and more of the vision behind the project.

What I am most excited about here is that, in talking to Chris Anderson, after his talk he said he would like to open source the software and encourage different people to make their own implementations. While I could still see some teething problems with the technology I have no doubt a lot of us will be using this in some form or another within the next 3-5 years.

Credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson

Another fantastic talk that really resonated with me was one by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, an India mystic like no other. He shared his life story and explained what he called the "field of perception" which we put up in our mind, something that can be expanded to encompass the wider world around us. As such he says that the idea of empathy is built into our very systems. Sadhguru certainly is a profound and profoundly entertaining speaker including references to stolen sandals at temples, "divine versus dosa" and the hilarious punch line "hey woman, its your dream". Turns out he is a pretty good singer as well. Be sure to watch for that when the recording goes up on TED.com.

The last session of the day got closed by an impressive musical duo, Anil Srinivasan and Sikkil Gurucharan bringing a unique mixture of classical piano and carnatic singing. Its hard to imagine that combination of East and West would work well together but it makes for a unique sound. I've certainly become a big fan of their music.
I hope some of you have been able to follow along on the free livestream, they'll be doing the same for the last session of the conference on Saturday at 11am Indian Standard Time.

This has certainly been a memorable first day and can't wait for the rest of the conference!

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The last two months have been hectic to say the least attending and speaking at conferences in Singapore, Brighton and Los Angeles and most recently giving some workshops in London. I'm looking forward to settling down in India to start a new chapter and get Project Cocoon off the ground. Before that though, one more conference, and one I've always wanted to attend: TED.

TED is coming to India this November and I am extremely excited. This should be an opportunity to meet some inspiring people and get renewed energy to work on a couple of personal projects I've been postponing for far too long. I thought it would be fun to share some of the people I'm most looking forward to hearing speak and perform.

Usha Uthup Devdutt Pattanaik Hans Rosling Anil Srinivasan and Sikkil Gurucharan Shekhar Kapur Shashi Tharoor His Holiness the 17th Karmapa

I'll be heading out to India end of the month and will be back for a few weeks over the holidays end of December. After TEDIndia I have a few days off in Bangalore, if anyone would like to meet up feel free to get in touch -- following that I'll be flying to Chennai and on to Pondicherry to meet up with the rest of the team.

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Definitely one of the biggest announcements at todays Adobe MAX keynote was the ability to compile Flash applications to native iPhone ARM binaries. Just to be clear, this doesn't mean Flash Player runs on the iPhone or SWF files get interpreted at runtime. I'm happy to see Adobe push things forward for mobile and not having Apple restrict innovation. One of the interesting consequences of being able to export to native iPhone code from Flash CS5 is that developers are no longer required to develop on a Mac, opening up a whole new developer ecosystem.

There are more signs Adobe is putting additional pressure on Apple, whether this will be successful or not is another issue. At least it makes it perfectly clear that Adobe is committed to supporting the iPhone as a platform, whatever it takes.

An example of this is the page iPhone users get to see when they try to install Flash Player.

Flash Player on iPhone

Lots more interesting information coming out, especially around Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.0 -- I'll blog more about that as I find out.

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