The vote on the Apache Flex incubator proposal has not yet started but should only be a matter of days away - currently a few additional candidate mentors for the project (Dave Fisher and Anne Kathrine Petterøe) need to be elected to the Incubator Project Management Committee. Once that has happened it should be plain sailing to get it going. With a bit of luck we will have the process wrapped up in the first week of 2012 - what better way to start the new year!

In the meanwhile, if you were anything like me and the Apache way of doing things isn't quite obvious there are a couple of videos from the Flex Summit that are well worth watching. Roy Fielding - one of the original founding members of Apache, and well known for his work on HTTP and REST - who now works for Adobe explains the process, what it means for technology to become an Apache project and how you can make it thrive.

There's also a great episode of "The Flex Podcast" you can listen to with Jon Campos, Michael Labriola, and Jesse Warden as guests talking about their take-aways from the Flex Summit and the future of the technology.

I've been running a poll on my blog for a little over a week now and am encouraged to see the sentiment around Apache Flex is largely positive and more of a "wait and see" than an immediate negative outlook on what is happening.

If you are active on Twitter you can follow @ApacheFlex (not sure who runs this account) which aggregates a lot of articles and tweets about Flex and the Apache Software Foundation or follow the discussion using the #ApacheFlex hashtag.
As you can see there are plenty of ways to keep up to date with what is happening and encourage everyone to do so and get involved in whatever way they can. Its important to realize that the community can now actively shape the future of Flex and it is an open process where contributions from anywhere are encouraged and on an equal footing.
Happy holidays to you all!