Earlier this month video2brain released their new subscription plan that gets you access to no less than 139 courses (or 532 hours of video training) on a variety of topics. With the holidays coming up you might find you finally have a bit of time to work on your technology skills, so feel free to check it out. A couple of training titles I can highly recommend:

These are just based on my own interests - there are courses on photography, audio/video editing, introductions to a wide range of different programming languages,...

They've got some very competitive introductory pricing going for either monthly or annual subscriptions and give you a three year price guarantee. The Standard option gives you unlimited access to all 139 courses, Gold lets you download all the project files and the Platinum option (annual subscription only) also lets you download the courses.

Can highly recommend you give it a try, normal pricing starts at $14.99 for a full month but as a video2brain author I've been given an affiliate link that gets you a nice additional discount.

Give it a go, I'm a fan of the people at video2brain - let me know what you think!

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