I'm excited to finally be able to make the announcement... I've been offered a position at Google UK, working out of their London office as a Rich Media Flash Developer in Dynamic Ads, Media and Platforms Solutions. Few people knew this was on the table, so it may come as a bit of a surprise but – after close to a decade working freelance – I was happy to see a new challenge come my way, not in the least at an amazing company like Google.

I will be moving to London in a couple of weeks to start my job at the end of the month. The main focus of my work at Google will still be around Flash development and I'll certainly stay personally involved in the online community, so no change expected there.

For those wondering, Project Cocoon remains active and I trust it in the very capable hands of my colleague Nathalie. I hope to stay in touch with the many friends and colleagues in India who have been an important part of my life over the last few years.
Thanks to everyone for their support in making this possible - Ian, Peter and Nathalie in particular - and I look forward to many more good things to come!

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