I'm certainly not Apple's biggest fan these last few months, there's a lot left to be desired around many of their company policies, openness and developer relations. That said I did get an iPad today. Why?

In many ways this device is breaking new ground in a tablet form factor that is going to be increasingly important in the next few years. Flawed as it might be feature wise, if you're serious about mobile and devices this is something you should start looking into now.

At Project Cocoon we're heavily invested in mobile application development and the iOS devices are part of that. Apart from iPhone and Android app development we were already doing, we're now also fully equipped to develop iPad apps and plan to do so with a strong focus on user experience.

I needed a portable device for email, twitter and blogging at conferences with a battery that will get me through the day. My Sony VAIO barely making 3 hours and obviously being a lot bulkier to carry around, the iPad hit just the spot. It'll be my device of choice to carry with me on days when not presenting.

HTML5 - no, its not a Flash killer but it is no doubt going to play an important role on the web. If there's anything I've learned over the years is to explore beyond the confines of your geeky comfort zone. This is also a way to force myself to learn the technology and start using it on iOS optimized mobile sites.

Apple has provided the only app store that has given me a decent amount of sales and monthly revenue coming in. I plan on porting most of my existing iPhone apps to iPad and there are several other ideas for apps that should see the light of day in the months to come.

Now, let there be no doubt I'm still very much committed to Flash Platform technologies and convinced it has a bright future ahead across desktop and devices.

To make me feel slightly better about supporting Apple with my purchase I'll probably want to jailbreak my iPad at the earliest convenience, do my application prototyping from Flash with the iPhone packager and perhaps distribute some unsigned apps for others on jailbroken devices :)