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The first edition of the Flash and the City conference is 34 days away and thought I'd post a list of sessions I'm planning to attend.

Friday, May 14th Adobe Keynote Ryan Stewart - Geolocation and Mapping with the Flash Platform Ben Stucki - Reflex: The Future of Rich Internet Applications Jeff Tapper - Flex 4 for Flex 3 Developers Jesse Freeman & Jobe Makar - Real World Optimization Carl Sorvino - Chasing the Muse – Inspiration and Creativity Lisa Larson-Kelly - FMS:S Streaming and Beyond!

Saturday, May 15th Kevin Hoyt - Flex + Phidgets = Beer Branden Hall - HYPE: Combining Creativity & Code Chad Udell - Hacking Robots for Fun and Profit Joel Hooks - Robotlegs in the Real World Kevin Schmidt - CFaaS-ColdFusion as a Service Session Panel: Devices with Flash Jesse Warden - Gaia Flash Framework Christian Saylor - The Art of Storytelling

Sunday, May 16th Seb Lee-Delisie - Space Invaders Phillip Kerman - Thinking in ActionScript Simeon Bateman - Getting Git Stacey Mulcahy - Developing for the Social Media Douchebag Wade Arnold - The Web’s Shortest path from A-Z is PHP Jeffry Houser - Flex Components in the Real World Duane Nickull - SEO Secrets, Technology, and Magic Behind Flash
Seriously, how cool is that lineup? Its not too late to join the party, at only $299 (or $249 for students) until May 7th and it includes a New York cruise and dinner and access to numerous activities in the city track. There's also a great series of workshops on May 13th you can register for.

Also, don't forget to nominate people for the Flash and the City awards! Be sure to leave a comment if you're planning to attend.