There's another new conference coming this year and thats always exciting, but Flash and the City promises to be different. Not only is this the first major Flash conference in NYC in quite a while, its going to be an amazing opportunity to network and meet interesting people. Why so? Well rather than just sit inside and geek out listening to the various sessions, there's something called the "City track" that gets you exploring the "Big Apple" with speakers and fellow attendees. I think this concept could be a real winner, some of the activities you can join in with are:

Even if you don't want to miss any of the speakers and stay in to see all the sessions, there's a 3 hour cruise complete with dinner (and open bar) on Saturday evening included in your ticket.

There's also the Statue of Liberty awards on Sunday evening with a number of categories including "Most significant Open Source Project of the year", "Most influential Flash person of the year" etc. Make sure you get your nominations in before March 31st.

May 13th, the day before the conference there are four different workshops you can attend -- Mobile and Devices, Beginning ActionScript, Flex 4 and AIR 2.0. That last one is definitely one you'll want to attend, AIR 2.0 is some truly mind-blowing technology and you'll learn all about it and get some hands on experience.

I'm excited to be taking the lead for that AIR 2.0 workshop and getting some fantastic speakers on board to help cover all the new features. Don't worry if you're new to Adobe AIR, we'll start out with a basic introduction first and get you going.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now! The way this conference is shaping up, Flash and the City is going to be an iconic event.

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