I've been lucky enough to attend all four editions of Flash on the Beach since it started in 2006, three of them as a speaker and hope to get invited to do many more. Looking back I can honestly say this year was the best one yet -- it had something for everyone and think John got the mix between creative and technical sessions just right.

My personal highlights of the conference were Joa Ebert's mind-blowing display of Flash Player optimization and Craig Swann's inspirational session that went on to cover some unexpected topics. I'd say those two were definitely the buzz of the conference and rightly so.

Flashmagazine has excellent write ups of all three days of the conference. Here are a couple of interesting things that get announced:

  • Flash CS5 will have code hinting for custom classes and integration with Flash Builder as a code editor
  • AIR 2.0 will allow you to bundle native code and execute it, has a new FileMonitor, VolumeMonitor and StorageVolume API for accessing USB connected drives
  • Joa Ebert wrote a C# and Java to SWF compiler
  • Ralph Hauwert is leaving the Papervision3D team

I'm yet to hear anyone say he was disappointed attending Flash on the Beach in these four years. I can't wait for the fifth edition -- go John go! best. conference. ever.

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