Its that time of the year again, just two weeks to go before this years edition of Flash on the Beach takes place. Here's the list of sessions I plan to attend:

September 20th

iPhone App Development for Flash Developers workshop - Julian Dolce

September 21th

Adobe Keynote - Richard Galvan Casual Game Architecture - Keith Peters Visualizing Voice - Chuck Freedman Who's A Bright Spark Then! - Mike Jones Cybernetic Art Revisited - Dr. Woohoo! Telling Stories - Hillman Curtis Epiphany - Joel Gethin Lewis

September 22th

3 Minute Wonders - Elevator pitch Leaving the Sandbox - Joa Ebert Application Frameworks - Richard Lord Numbers in Art - Joel Baumann Unconventional Web Applications - Contrast Choose Your Own Adventure - Craig Swann

September 23th

Play with Vectors! - Koen De Weggheleire Can play well with others - Stacey Mulcahy Work/Play - Seb Lee-Delisle 6 Speakers - 10 Mins Each - Jam Throwdown Research Realtime graphics with Flash 10 - Ralph Hauwert Space - Joshua Davis