After some discussions earlier this week, it became apparent not everyone is aware of Adobe's public bug base where you can have your voice heard and vote up bugs important to you. I thought it might be interesting to highlight the current top 5 highest voted open feature requests across the various projects.

  • FB-19053 - Flex Builder on Linux (433 votes)
  • FP-1060 - Flash Player support for FreeBSD (157 votes)
  • FP-1499 - Global Runtime Exception Handling (143 votes)
  • FP-273 - Acoustic Echo Cancellation support (141 votes)
  • FP-37 - AMD64 support needed in Linux (136 votes)

These feature requests already have quite a bit of support behind them but you might want to browse the Adobe Bug Base yourself to vote up things important to you, or submit your own bugs and feature requests.