Mobile VikingsIf you live in Belgium chances are you will have heard about Mobile Vikings, a new MVNO on the market -- one of their main objectives is to offer free mobile internet as part of their prepaid offer. Now that might not sound very impressive but in Belgium mobile data tariffs are through the roof. The cheapest mobile data plans you can get are typically around the 10 Euro/month mark for a couple of 100MB. Mobile Vikings offers an 'unlimited' data plan (which is not quite unlimited, but rather has a fair use policy of 1GB). Truth be told that is probably more than enough for my mobile data use at the moment.


While considering to switch over and browsing their website I still had some questions and contacted the helpdesk for more information. I got a response within an hour or so and wanted to share what I was told about their offer:

Mobile Vikings uses a prepaid plan, every time you top up 15 Euro you get 30 days worth of:

  • unlimited internet (1GB 'fair use policy')
  • 1000 free SMS messages (national)


Since this is a prepaid plan the 15 Euro can be used as a balance to pay for voice and SMS in case you send more than 1000 text messages/month (which seems unlikely). Any remaining balance rolls over the next month, you are required to top up at least once every 6 months to make sure you keep your credit. Your mobile number stays active for 12 months after your last top up.

As you might expect the rates for voice calls are a bit more expensive than you typically get at 0,24 Euro/minute -- though its the same price for landlines and national mobile numbers (any network). If you work it out you get 62,5 minutes worth of call time for your 15 Euro top up.

All in all this is quite an interesting offer for internet junkies like me, unfortunately since they partner with BASE the mobile data goes over GPRS/EDGE while 3G would obviously be a lot more appealing. Still, this is probably the best offer out there if you are primarily interested in mobile internet and I quite like the idea you're not tied into an x month long contract.

If anyone is interested in joining Mobile Viking (Belgium only I'm sorry to say), I've got a couple of invitation codes left -- just leave a comment.