2M09 Multi-Mania is Europe's biggest free multimedia event -- yes, that's right completely free of charge!

I've been taking part in the event since 2004 and its only been getting bigger and better each year. This year its in fact two days of multimedia goodness - May 18-19th in Kortrijk, Belgium.

The speaker lineup is fantastic as always and includes among others: Aral Balkan, Rob Chiu, André Michelle, Thomas Joos, Scott Janousek, Marc Canter, Sakri Rosenstrom, Rob Bateman and a whole host of Adobe speakers.

I've been able to follow 'the making of' multi-mania from a little closer distance this year and while of course sponsors make it possible to offer such a great conference lineup free of charge; there's a massive amount of work done behind the scenes that often goes unnoticed. So kudos to my colleagues for managing this stunt for another year.

I will be doing an "Introduction to Creative Programming in ActionScript 3.0" session on May 18th. If you're familiar with the basics of coding in ActionScript I'll help you take it one step further and get creative with the code. Feel free to bring your laptop with Flex Builder, FDT (or if you feel masochistic the Flash IDE) and you can play along with some of the examples I'll be showing.

Most, if not all, sessions will be presented in English so if you're interested to come over from abroad (like many of our speakers) you are more than welcome.

Last year we had no less than 1000 attendees, I'm confident we'll do at least as good this year. Hope to see you there, don't forget to register!