The Progressive Web Tutorials Skills Matter is holding an interesting three day event in London (May 11-13) that I'm very happy to be part of. "The Progressive Web Tutorials" includes four workshops on some of the latest and greatest web technologies: Amazon EC2, Dojo, Comet and of course Flex.

I'll be doing a full day hands-on "Introduction to Adobe Flex" workshop on May 11th that will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction of the Flex framework
  • Overview of Flex Builder and the Flex SDK
  • MXML syntax
  • States and transitions
  • Data binding
  • Basic component development
  • Integrating with back-end services (XML, SOAP, Remoting)

For each of those topics we'll have some example code to work through and you'll walk away with the basic skills required to start creating your own Flex applications. There is no real prerequisite knowledge required, though some familiarity with XML or an ECMAScript based language like Javascript or ActionScript can be helpful.

You can take the workshop as part of "The Progressive Web Tutorials" or register for it standalone. More information on the Skills Matter website:

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