Scotch on the Rocks is going on the road this year doing one day events in London, Manchester and Edinburgh -- I'm happy to be speaking at the London edition on June 1st. This years talk might get a little controversial with a title like "ColdFusion is Dead, or is It?". Those of you that know me well will no doubt be aware that my hands on experience with ColdFusion is quite limited. In fact other than playing with the prerelease and some occasional experiments I rarely use it. I still like to think that I've got a firm grasp on most Adobe technologies and how those integrate with the Flash Platform.

The idea for this session came about after a 'twitter incident' where my good friend Aral Balkan declared ColdFusion a dead technology. I wasn't quite ready to give up on ColdFusion yet and certainly its community of passionate developers wasn't.

I consider this talk an experiment to help me make up my mind --

Over the next two months I'll be looking at anything ColdFusion related that gets thrown at me. I'll talk to anyone who has something to say about the state of ColdFusion, I would love to hear from you what is good and what needs to change (and if so how you would like to see it changed). Leave a comment or email me: coldfusion at peterelst dot com.

In my session I'll talk about some of the reasons I haven't been using ColdFusion in my projects up until now, some challenges I've faced with the technology as well as a synopsis of the feedback I got from the community. All this should lead me to a conclusion as to the future of ColdFusion.

June 1st I'll have the definitive answer for you (and yes, I do accept bribes! ;)).