If you've followed the announcements at MIX09 its hard to deny Microsoft is making some good progress with Silverlight. I was just browsing the session recordings and thought this one was interesting to post up on my blog: "Silverlight and the Adobe Creative Suite". I'm happy to see Microsoft realizing that Adobe's creative suite software is where designers live and don't make the mistake of trying to force them into a different workflow, so particularly Photoshop and Illustrator import are great features to see implemented.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

I was assured by Microsoft employees any resemblance with Adobe product features is purely coincidental, as I'm sure is the case at 10:30" where she converts some imported graphics into a working horizontal slider.

When I have the time over the next week or two I'll do some testing of Silverlight 3, unfortunately the tools shown here only run on Windows but the third party Eclipse Silverlight plugin should come to my rescue (if I can finally get it installed on my Mac that is).

At this time I don't see any compelling reasons to use Silverlight over the Flash Platform but things are definitely getting closer. If Microsoft ends up with a good development story on Mac I can see myself potentially starting to use it. Long term though, when it comes to enabling creative expression and their commitment to cross platform Adobe still has the edge.

Now with a third party Visual Studio plugin for Flex also out in the wild, I think we're seeing the beginning of a consolidated effort towards bridging various RIA technologies for the web and the desktop in the different tool sets.