With just a couple more days to go before Flash on the Beach 2008 kicks off, its time for the traditional "blogging of the schedule". These are the sessions I'm planning to attend, another great lineup this year!
Monday, September 29th

Richard Galvan - Keynote Marco Casario - Mash-up widgets with Adobe AIR Branden Hall - Brilliant Ideas that I've Blatantly Stolen Mark Anders - A Preview of Flex 4 and "Thermo" Tink - Flex Effects: Transitions as Design Elements Erik Natzke - Beyond the Knowledge: The Art of Play James Paterson - Modulating a Lot

Tuesday, September 30th

Mike Downey - The business side of AIR: how to sell your clients on AIR apps Niqui Merret - Accessibility - beyond the basics Grant Skinner - Things Every ActionScript Developer Should Know Lee Brimelow - Platform Jiu-Jitsu Nando Costa - Motion Graphics, one frame at a time. Robert Hodgin - The Best 8 to 12 Hours of my Life.

Wednesday, October 1st

Ben Stucki - Advanced Flexing for Flash Developers Seb Lee-Delisle - Papervision3D Simplified Andre Michelle - Adobe made some noise! Koen de Weggheleire - Play With Pixels, bitmap manipulation with AS3 Paul Betlem - The Ying and Yang of Flash Jonathan Harris - The Art of Surveillance and Self-Exposure