If you haven't read up on today's Adobe Creative Suite 4 announcement yet and still want to watch the live stream or attend a user group meeting, you might not want to read on unless you like spoilers. This is my list of favorite new features for the products in the suite I am most interested in. Flash CS4

■ Timeline model reworked ■ Motion editor (similar to After Effects) ■ Inverse Kinematics (aka bones for shapes, movie clips) ■ New text engine (including right-to-left support) ■ 3D rotation tools (2D objects in 3D space)

Dreamweaver CS4

■ Live view (webkit rendered interactive view of your page) ■ Live code (watch code changes in realtime for AJAX based pages) ■ Code hinting for JavaScript and AJAX libraries ■ Subversion support

Photoshop CS4

■ Rotate canvas ■ Masks panel (easily create masks and tweak settings) ■ Extended depth of field (stack and combine images with a different focus) ■ Content-Aware Scaling (see this video)

Excited all round for the features in this new release, the one major disappointment is seeing international customers getting screwed again with the huge difference in geographical pricing.

For more information on CS4 and lots of video tutorials, be sure to check out the new and improved Adobe TV.