I never thought I'd keep anything up for this long but today is the 5th anniversary of this blog! That comes to 383 posts (or an average of about 1.4 posts a week), 1482 comments/trackbacks and some 65.188 pieces of spam. Back in 1994 I had about 360 hits a month whereas now its grown to an average of 15.000.
To mark this occassion I figured I'd do a little giveaway, prizes include:

- 2 5 tickets for the <head> global web conference (donated by Aral Balkan) - 1 one year pass to the Lynda.com Online Training Library® (donated by Lynda.com)

Still talking to some other companies, more to come!
To participate, all you have to leave is a video comment on this post using the new Seesmic video comment feature I've recently installed.

Anything goes, feel free to talk about what you like about this blog, where there's room for improvement, heck you can even sing a song or tell a joke. Bonus points for creativity!

Next week, September 21st I'll post a short list of my favorite video comments and will put up a poll so the community can vote on the winners. The winners will then be announced on Friday September 26th!

Good luck and have fun!

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