Last Sunday afternoon I was listening to The Tech Guy on and when I accidentally closed its tab one too many times decided to quickly make an AIR app for it to have it available as a desktop application. TwitLive AIR application

It literally took me 11 lines of code and a good 15 minutes to build. Decided to send it to Leo and was happy to hear how excited he was about the app and did a plug for it on the net@night and MacBreak Weekly podcasts.

You can use the application to watch the live video stream and see the schedule for upcoming shows. Looks like it was released just in time to see him do the 24 hour iPhone 3G launch marathon.

How was this built?

For those of you not familiar with Adobe AIR:

  • AIR is a free cross OS runtime (Windows, Mac and Linux)

  • There's no new language to learn, it uses web technologies like HTML, AJAX, Flash and Flex
  • You get a lot of additional API's like drag 'n drop, filesystem access, network detection, clipboard access, local database support and much more that you can directly call from your code

This particular application was built in Flex with a TabNavigator component and two HTML components that are specific to AIR (the runtime has the open source WebKit embedded, the same HTML rendering engine as Safari uses).

For embedding the AIR install badge on his blog, Leo is the AIR Badge plugin for WordPress, a project I started a couple of months back.
I hope you'll like this little application, there's obviously a lot more you can do with this so am happy to hear any feature requests you might have. Leave a comment or drop me an email.

Download and install

[airbadge]TWiT Live Desktop,, 1.5, null[/airbadge]

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