Was interested to read that in the latest Flash Player 10 beta refresh a number of issues have been fixed that were real showstoppers for Linux users. Most notably webcam support has always been problematic, which meant that that devices like the Nokia N800, the Eee PC and many others could not take full advantage of a number of web apps. The Linux Flash Player beta now also support wmode, meaning your embedding SWF is not automatically the top-most element and you can have things like navigation elements rendered above.

I think what might be even more significant is that for the first time ever the Linux Flash Player seems to be on the same release cycle as those for PC and Mac.

This is really great news as it means new features in the Flash Player will now be completely cross platform from the get go rather than the Linux release lagging behind for a year or more.

Happy to see Adobe paying more attention to Linux and hope the Flex Builder 3 alpha for Linux is also getting closer to a release.
Go get the latest Flash Player 10 beta here

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