Adobe Community Summit 2008 This years Adobe Community Summit has sadly come to an end -- since we're all under NDA we're unfortunately not at liberty to discuss what was shown but it certainly was impressive.

The group of user group manager and community experts is definitely growing, the Park conference room at the Adobe headquarters in San Jose could barely accommodate us all.

Jonathan Wall and the team did an outstanding job as always with the logistics and geting us information from the various product teams and execs. Speakers included: Michelle Turner, Scott Fegette, John Nack, Doug Benson, Mike Chambers, Bill Perry, Johnny L and many more.

The Adobe Developer Connection team, John Dowdell, Sumi Lim and others were there for a good deal of the event which was really nice. Adobe certainly takes the community programs seriously and does a lot to support us in our various activities.

This year was special as Ed Sullivan is changing jobs, Christine Lawson has left Adobe and we had an opportunity to welcome Rachel Luxemburg and Stacy Sisson who are taking over from them. The user group managers did a touching tribute video to Ed (posted on YouTube by Aaron West).

I think the best way to summarize the last few days: "the number after three is... next" -- looking forward to 'next' year! ;)