Digital Design and Media I'm very happy to see the Technical University of West-Flanders, PIH department is adding a new track to their Multimedia and Communication Technology (MCT) offering starting in September, namely Digital Media and Design.

The focus for "Devine" as its affectionately called includes storyboarding, motion graphics, web design, video editing using industry standard tools like Flash, Flex, AIR, Photoshop, After Effects, 3D Studio MAX etc. The scripting languages covered include PHP, ActionScript, XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

I've been thoroughly impressed with the level of education they offer. This new track is without a doubt going to result in some of the best creative web professionals coming out into the work arena in the next few years!

Having met with many of the MCT students and lecturers at conferences and user group events over the last few years its clear how passionate they are about multimedia -- the annual Multi-Mania event is just one example.

Adobe should really take note of initiatives like this and support them any way they can, just think -- how many bachelor degrees will be out there covering AIR just months after its release?

The first information session was held yesterday, read more about it on Ronny Welter's blog: (in Dutch)