I just finished my presentation at FITC Amsterdam, absolutely loved talking about Adobe AIR despite having some unfortunate beamer problems for the first 15 or so minutes of my talk -- had some time to improvise and do Q&A with the audience. The crowd seemed to be very 'into' AIR and interested to hear about the different API's. Trying to cover everything in a one hour session is insane so I narrowed the scope down to the following:

■ Network monitoring ■ Windowing API ■ HTML support ■ FileSystem access ■ SQLite database ■ Drag 'n drop support ■ Clipboard access ■ Update API

You can find my session notes below:

The source files referenced in my slides are available for download here: https://share.adobe.com/adc/adc.do?docid=53625a8c-e19a-11dc-88fd-81891157ba2a

Next up is Nico Lierman, talking about some more advanced data visualization with Flex and AIR. Looking forward to it!

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