Just two weeks ago Ted Patrick launched a wonderful initiative where he auctioned some rare bags he had lying around for charity. He pledged to personally double the proceeds and Adobe has a program whereby it doubles any gifts to charity by employees. Platform Evangelist Team Timbuk Bag

I managed to get the winning bid on the "Platform Evangelist Team" timbuk bag and look forward to showing it off at conferences in 2008. I figured, if you can't get the job at least get the bag and do your bit for charity.

In total the auction raised $5774.76 USD for the San Francisco Food Bank which is pretty impressive! If you still like to get your hands on one of these bags, there are two more Flex bags being auctioned and another 24 hours left to bid.

In this holiday season we can all do our bit to help those less fortunate, I'll be donating proceeds from amazon affiliate purchases for this quarter to my favorite charity and urge everyone to contribute in their own way.

Need inspiration? Here are some projects that I personally support:


PremaHome offers orphans and children from poor and broken families a new home where they receive free food and accommodation, medical care and an education. They are presently looking after 600 destitute children and teaching 750 children in its school in Tamil Nadu, South India.