I'm excited to announce that I've finally got my training curriculum worked out and will start delivering courses on ActionScript 3.0, Flex and Adobe AIR in early 2008. As many of you know I've spent most of last year traveling and speaking at various conferences. I saw this as a great opportunity to try out different ideas, get feedback and fine tune my training material. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and constructive and would hereby like to thank everyone that sent in their thoughts.

I've joined forces with training partners SkillsMatter (UK, Ireland and Scandinavia) and Multimediacollege (Belgium, Luxembourg) to deliver these courses and am available for custom training and consultancy worldwide.

SkillsMatter            Multimediacollege

More information as the courses roll out, in the meanwhile I've got a first event happening at Multimediacollege:

» AfterHours, January 17th - An indepth look at AIR API's

I look forward to the first training events kicking off in the next few months. If you'd like more information on the various courses and training solutions feel free to get in touch!