We all heard the rumors that something big was coming. Last night Shantanu dressed up as Santa and left the following goodies on labs for us to play with:

Flex Builder 3 beta 3 The long awaited beta 3 has been made available, one step closer to a release -- be sure to check it out!


Adobe AIR beta 3 Along with Flex Builder 3 a new beta for Adobe AIR is now out with some interesting changes and additions.


AMF3 specs AMF, the Action Message Format, is a binary format used in Flash Remoting to communicate native ActionScript objects between a back-end and your applications.

They've now released the specification for AMF3, the latest version which is used in Flex, and have committed to work with the community to get implementations for every major server platform.


BlazeDS This is huge news, Adobe is open sourcing (under LGPL v3) the messaging services that are part of Livecycle Data Services, along with the AMF3 spec and they've wrapped it in a Java server.

What this now means is that we can build multi-user real-time data-driven applications (wow, say that ten times), with data push and conflict handling. You've probably all seen the LCDS demo's and I for one am really excited there is no longer a barrier of entry to start using it in projects. http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/blazeds/

Thanks guys, great job in getting it all out!