Looks like I've got another conference marathon coming up this week. I'm really excited I get to go to JavaPolis thanks to Christoph Rooms. Last year was amazing and am looking forward to catching some sessions on Adobe technology from a Java perspective. Truth be told I'm a real noob when it comes to Java . While a lot of Java developers are now starting to look at Flex and AIR for me its actually the other way round, looking at how I can leverage Java as a backend for Flex applications.

Some sessions I'm hoping to catch at JavaPolis include:

  • Introduction to Ajax - Sang Shin

  • Google API's - Dick Wall
  • Thinking in Flex - Bruce Eckel, James Ward and Christoph Rooms
  • JavaFX in Action - Jim Weaver
  • Developing Software like a band plays Jazz - Erich Gamma
  • Then on Wednesday I'm attending the annual FeWeb event where I'll see the following sessions:

  • New generation e-learning software with Flex - Christophe Herreman

  • Rich client experiences with MS Expression & Silverlight - Wim Verhaeghen
  • The new Adobe technologies - Wim Vanhenden
  • What are Google's plans for 2008? - Matthew "Chewy" Trewhella (Google UK)
  • Haven't had a lot of exposure to Silverlight and JavaFX yet (the first unfortunately crashed my Mac first time I tried installing it and has reinforced my skepticism about Microsoft and cross-platform solutions, the second I haven't had time to research yet).

    I'm going with an open mind and will be taking lots of notes so as soon as I have some time I should be writing up a blog post on emerging technologies for the online, desktop and mobile space.