I just had an interesting discussion on Twitter with some friends about the French speaking Flash community in Belgium and the apparent lack of them at our local Adobe User Group events. That's actually a very good point and never really understood why that is the case or if we're simply not reaching them. They must be out there but I'm afraid to say I personally know very few of them (Stéphane Bebrone, Gilles Bertrand, Cyril Hanquez -- sorry if I'm forgetting someone I know) and would tend to say I'm generally pretty clued in on the scene.

Would love to get some links to personal blogs, community sites, courses, events etc. to follow up on what's happening there and hear what would help to get our French speaking colleagues involved.

For those new to the Adobe User Group Belgium it might be worth noting that -- except for one or two presentations in the past -- sessions are always done in English, events are free of charge and its an excellent place for networking (usually with free drinks and great raffle prizes).


P.S. if there are any Flash/Flex or other Adobe software users in the German speaking community in Belgium please don't hesitate to post a comment or get in touch either and let us know what you're up to! ;)

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