I made it out to Brussels today for the afternoon sessions of Adobe's Beyond Boundaries event -- pretty cool stuff! Sakri Rosenstrom started out with the second part of his ActionScript 3.0 session and went into a wide range of topics as well as a basic checklist of migrating over from AS1 and AS2. He used some hilarious metaphors when it came to OOP, might have to 'borrow' some of those for future presentations. Incidentally just remembered that I used his 'second cousin' E4X joke at Flashforward which got quite a few laughs, so props to him for that!

It might sound strange but I've found introductory sessions are some of the most difficult ones to do, you need to cover an incredible amount of information and your audience typically comes from widely diverging backgrounds as opposed to discussing a specific API or design pattern where you can really focus on the topic at hand and get it across. I think he absolutely nailed it -- could probably easily have used another hour or so to get more in depth, but who can realistically expect to learn AS3 in such a short amount of time.

Danny Dura first did a session on Flex Builder 3 showing some of the new goodies we can now play with in the beta -- advanced contraints, CSS design view, skinning, CRUD wizard, WSDL generator, profiling etc. Not a lot of new information there but I was amazed at what a workflow improvement this represented, I've played with many of the features individually but got a better picture of how combining all this can make you a lot more productive.

The final session Danny did was an overview of AIR, this was one of the first public presentations I saw that used beta 2 of the runtime. If you haven't tried the new beta yet, be sure to download and play around with it -- it has lots of new features and it convinced me that I really need to start moving into RIA development for the desktop in the near future.

All in all, great event and seemed to be a very positive response from the attendees and buzz around Flex 3 and AIR. Let's hope for some more of these type of events coming soon!