Next Sunday I'll be flying over to Barcelona together with Koen to make it out for Adobe MAX Barcelona, the first MAX conference to come to Europe. I'm really looking forward to meeting up with local friends and colleagues from the community, ironically enough I don't get to see them quite as often as those based in North America. Its promising to see how the landscape is changing these last few years though -- we're getting more and more quality conferences over here.

My session is entitled "Best Practices for Developing with ActionScript 3.0", you can catch it at the following times:

Monday, October 15th - 10:00am Wednesday, October 17th - 10:15am

For those interested, I won't limit my presentation to just discussing AS3 -- I'll be talking about methodologies, dealing with clients, feature creep and maintaining your sanity as a freelance developer.

Other sessions I'm hoping to catch are:

- "Play with pixels : Bitmap manipulation with Flash CS3" by Koen de Weggheleire - "Take the Web to the Next Dimension" by Carlos Ulloa - "Using Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) APIs" by Andrew Shorten