Tonight was the last event of the onAIR Bus Tour and am very glad I made it out to Chicago in time to attend it! Mike Chambers, Ryan Stewart, Danny Dura and Kevin Hoyt walked us through the ins and outs of developing with AIR. We saw a cool showcase for digimix by Alan Queen and Grant Skinner closed the evening by showing us some of his recent AIR apps.

Eventhough I have been doing quite a bit of experimenting with AIR in the last few weeks I picked up a number of really good tips and tricks, especially with regards to script bridging between JavaScript and Flash. Can't wait to give that a try!

What's not to like about the onAIR event? You get yourself some great swag (Apollo and AIR for JavaScript pocket guides, Flex Builder 3 alpha, AIR SDK, t-shirt, stickers), an all-you-can-drink open bar, lots of food, an Xbox and Wii to keep us entertained and several thousand dollars worth of software give aways.

We really need to bring something similar to Europe, think its a wonderful way to get people to see the potential of the Adobe Integrated Runtime and get them to try it out for themselves.

I shot a few little video clips using my N95 and roughly edited them together to give you guys an idea of what we were up to. Don't mind the quality, there will no doubt be better video of the sessions available on the onAIR website soon. Enjoy!

Tomorrow morning I'll be switching hotels, registering for MAX and probably hanging out with whoever is in town killing some time before the reception, O'Reilly Ignite and speaker dinner later that evening.

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