Flashforward was the first ever Flash conference I attended back in 2001. I remember how thrilled I was to see Brandon Hall and Sam Wan in person and hear them talk about cutting edge technology -- loading XML into Flash, something that took me days (if not weeks) to get my head around. I remember seeing Kevin Lynch present a sneak peek of Flash 6 at the Macromedia keynote and how we would get a scrollbar component that automatically snaps to a textfield. I remember how that got a standing ovation and how Adobe's keynote was greeted with the occasional boo and ironic laughter when they presented LiveMotion.

Things have changed, but Flashforward has remained one of the absolute best Flash conferences out there. Without it I'm sure I would never have gone freelance, traveled as much as I get to do now or be blogging this post from the airport wifi for that matter.

Thanks to Lynda, Christoph, Toby and the rest of the team for what they continue to pull off.

Flashforward2007 Boston was a blast!