Last day of the conference already, how time flies. This morning will be kicked off with a keynote by John Maeda from MIT Media Lab on "The Aesthetics of Computation". Stay tuned for more...

09:05:56 GMT-0400 - John Maeda takes the stage -- wants to introduce us to his graduate students who are showing a next generation of a graphics environment.

09:13:51 GMT-0400 - Talking about making stuff, visit to Seoul -- Samsung has the most optimized cafetaria in the world

09:18:47 GMT-0400 - Paul Rand, noticed how high the bar was set -- life changed after he got his masters, MIT Media Lab was getting started. Bringing together art and technology.

09:23:27 GMT-0400 - Muriel Cooper - thought of things like multiple typefaces, color, anti-aliased fonts for the computer. Rebuilt his career in Japan, started doing design. Lack of computers made his life better. No CTRL+Z in real life though.

09:29:18 GMT-0400 - shows of his old Apple -- an old cell animation program he wrote: timeline, layers, animation. Process Color Dance, rules based on color intersection.

09:44:28 GMT-0400 - Getting beyond limitations of existing graphic systems -- graduate students take the stage.

09:46:12 GMT-0400 - -- An Experiment in Creativity, Collaboration and Capitalism. There's a draing tool, license it as CC and sell it.

09:47:30 GMT-0400 - -- web based code development with processing.

09:53:22 GMT-0400 - E15 project - inspired by languages like processing, text based interface. Python scripts to generate a 2D canvas with 2D animation. Moving into a 3D environment, going beyond keyboard and mouse inputs -- space navigator devices to manipulate 2D canvas in 3D space.

10:00:05 GMT-0400 - navigating through the animation history in a 3D context, coming from a 2D texture. Apply filters, blend options, image processing.

10:04:23 GMT-0400 - Extending the web in this environment -- python scripts to introduce web components in 3D scene (move around, zoom, read pages) in different planes.

10:08:29 GMT-0400 - Taking page content outside of its webpage context and puts that in the 3D environment.