The Papervision3D sesion with Carlos Ulloa is up next, still half an hour to go but better go grab a seat as I'm sure its going to be packed.

13:32:02 GMT-0400 - Carlos takes the stage and starts talking about next generation web experiences -- going beyond technical limitations

13:34:04 GMT-0400 - make every user's experience unique -- realtime image synthesis, allows user to be in control. Video game industry has been the driving force for this, they are responsible for a lot of innovation.

13:36:31 GMT-0400 - Realtime (active, responsive) vs pre-rendered (passive, unresponsive). Flash Player standard for interactivity on the web, with FP9 (AS3, multi-threading, optimized rendering, full screen). Open Source Flash community -- developers developing for developers.

13:38:18 GMT-0400 - Papervision3D aims to be powerful and easy to learn -- it has high performance and is designed for Flash, its flexible and extendable. Avoid math in the API, have 2D asset handling.

13:39:52 GMT-0400 - COLLADA is a scene format, its compatible with most 3D packages (3DS Max, Maya, Blender). You do need a 3D package, workflow is: 3D -> 2D -> PV3D

13:42:10 GMT-0400 - Timeline: started in November 2005, private beta on December 1st 2006 (14 classes), July 7th 2007 a public beta was released (200 classes).

13:43:55 GMT-0400 - Team: Carlos Ulloa (creator and project lead), John Grden (release manager), Ralph Hauwert (engine coder), Tim Knip (research & development). Committers: Andy Zupko (materials, component), De'Angelo Richardson (interactivity, sound), Richardo Cabello (R&D, demo's, source code)

13:45:12 GMT-0400 - Statistics: 2500 people on the mailinglist, 7 FWA's, 200.000 component downloads, 500.000 blog hits, 1.000.000 site hits.

13:47:59 GMT-0400 - Future plans for version 2.0: tweening, morphing, skinned skeleton, precise materials, flat & phong shading, bump & environment mapping, interactivity with object & texture level mouse events, 3D sound.

13:54:09 GMT-0400 - Going from 2D to 3D options: transitions (2D -> 3D -> 2D), navigation (clicking on 3D objects), exploration (everything is 3D), customization (allow user customization of 3D environment, texture etc.)

13:57:11 GMT-0400 - Transitions: moving the camera from one plane to another (Sony, BBC iPlayer), 3D object move in front of 2D as a way to transition.

14:01:01 GMT-0400 - Navigation: first PV3D site, - planes and camera movement, 2007 new year calendar PV3D example. navigating inside a glass of Guinness, Mercedes Benz (blurring, object navigation)

14:04:27 GMT-0400 - Exploration: complex objects (formula 1 car), shark example (camera in center of cube, by clicking there is a camera rotation), space ship (moving, camera changing position and angle)

14:06:18 GMT-0400 - Customization: 3D face (remapping, morphing)

14:07:31 GMT-0400 - What's next: toys (just play without complex interactions)

14:08:11 GMT-0400 - Charactes: skinned skeletons (traditional and motion captured animation), ASCOLLADA by Tim Knip very advanced work

14:13:37 GMT-0400 - Inspiration: 3D games, demo scene, motion graphics (camera work), film & TV, look around you