Watch this space for live coverage of the Adobe Keynote with Kevin Lynch here at Flashforward2007 Boston kicking off in just under an hour.

08:36:47 GMT-0400 - The room is starting to fill up, O'Reilly is pulling out all the stops -- a free copy of Colin Moock's Essential ActionScript 3.0 on every seat.

08:59:41 GMT-0400 - Lynda kicks off the conference

09:04:19 GMT-0400 - Kevin Lynch takes the stage -- talks about how excited he is about AS3, bought us all Colin's book

09:06:16 GMT-0400 - Tamarin is now open for contribution, aiming at additional performance for the virtual machine

09:07:15 GMT-0400 - Kevin is showing E4X goodness, XML as first class data type

09:11:21 GMT-0400 - Flash Player adoption, version 9 reached 90% adoption within the year.

09:13:10 GMT-0400 - Joshua Hirsch from Big Spaceship takes the stage to talk about AS3 work for HBO

09:20:16 GMT-0400 - Flash video -- making capturing, processing, distributing as easy as possible. Adobe Media Player is being developed. Support for H.264 is being built into the Flash Player "Moviestar" for HD video. New Flash CS3 component on labs in a couple of weeks to support it.

09:22:00 GMT-0400 - 70% of video on the web is Flash based. More features in Moviestar: multi core CPU, full screen hardware scaling, 50% faster bitmap downscaling, encrypted stream support for FMS 3.0.

09:24:01 GMT-0400 - Kevin does a mutli core demo -- Papervision used to benchmark, 41 FPS 70% improvement. Next Flash Player release "Astro" will have even more of a performance boost.

09:25:47 GMT-0400 - Adrian Ludwig takes the stage to talk about Flex -- Moxie features: language intelligence, profiler, visualization component, designer workflow. Flex framework is going open source.

09:30:39 GMT-0400 - Refactoring method names, automatically update references throughout the project with preview capability.

09:34:57 GMT-0400 - Rich Internet Applications, Broadmoor hotel one of the first examples. AIR overcoming limitations of the browser. Kevin hints at Central, 5 years in the making if you count the early experiments.

09:38:37 GMT-0400 - AIR install badge on -- automatically launches application install if you have the runtime installed or prompts to download the runtime if you don't

09:42:39 GMT-0400 - demo'ing digimix AIR app -- awesome audio tool!

[conclusion] Not of lot of ground breaking news (as was to be expected with Adobe MAX just around the corner) but the keynote was a little more technical than you usually get. Some absolutely mind blowing AIR application demo's and hints at much more to come.