For the last few nights I've been working on an AIR app that allows you to do live blogging. Its almost ready for a public alpha so thought I'd blog a little preview. First step is to fill in your blog connection details (XML-RPC gateway, username and password).

AIR LiveBlogger settings

It then loads in your most recent blog entries -- you decide which one you want to update, type away and click the update button to post it. There's the obvious option to include or exclude a time stamp.

AIR LiveBlogger update

For now it only supports the metaWeblog API, which should work on a fair number of blogging systems (though I've only tested it on WordPress for now). Blogger and possibly MovableType API's are on the todo list as well as an option to use a server-side proxy script for additional security.

Stay tuned for a first release in the next day or two, I hope to be using this app at the upcoming Flashforward and MAX conferences.