With just a couple of hours to go before I leave for Boston and a sold out Flashforward, here's a first beta release of AIR LiveBlogger for you guys to play with. Install notes

1. Make sure you have the AIR runtime installed 2. Download the AIR LiveBlogger .air file 3. Install and run

The first time you run the application you'll be prompted to fill in the URL to the XML-RPC script for your blog. For WordPress users this is typically xmlrpc.php in the root of your blog.

You then fill in the username and password credentials, click the save settings button and you're all set.

You'll be able to select from the last blog entries which one to edit, you type away and click update post to edit the entry (with or without a time stamp).

Known issues

- Setting the wrong URL for the XML-RPC gateway will cause a runtime error - If you choose to update a blog entry that is still in draft status, it will set it as published and assign an incorrect date


- Test on blogging systems other than WordPress that support the metaWeblog API - Implement newMediaObject API call to support upload of photo and video - Look at support for Blogger and MT API's - Design an application icon

Any feedback, bug reports and/or feature requests are very welcome -- either as a blog comment or using the contact form.

Download here