With Flashforward2007 Boston just over a week away I thought I'd post what sessions I'm planning to attend. The speaker lineup is just fantastic, can't wait for the conference to kick off! My own session will be "OOP for the Noob", an introduction to object-oriented programming in ActionScript 3.0.

I've got a great slot assigned, first day just after lunch, can't believe my luck. That translates to some serious party time for the remaining days rather than staying locked up in the hotel room making those last minute tweaks to my presentation.


Day 1

Adobe Keynote Kevin Lynch, Adobe

On the Road with Adobe AIR Mike Chambers, Adobe

Creating and Selling Your Mobile Flash Content Bill Perry, Adobe Systems

Designing with Sound Dave Schroeder, pilotvibe


Day 2

Tame Your Game with CS3 and ActionScript 3 Jay Laird, Metaversal Studios

Stylizing Flex Applications Joey Lott, The Morphic Group

AIR, Finetune Desktop, and the Circle of Engagement Tony MacDonell, Teknision

The Art and Zen of Mobile Games Using Flash Scott Janousek, Hooken Mobile

What’s This Button Do? Communicating Web 2.0 Through Design Robert Hoekman, Jr., www.rhjr.net


Day 3

Keynote: The Aesthetics of Computation John Maeda, MIT Media Lab

Integrating with Adobe Media Player Jennifer Taylor, Adobe Systems

Papervision3D Carlos Ulloa, Papervision3D

AIR Outside of the Box Keith Peters, BIT-101

Beyond the Knowledge; The Art of Playing Erik Natzke, Natzke Design


Read more: www.flashforwardconference.com