One of the downsides of being a freelancer is that you generally don't have a lot of opportunity to switch off and take a break. Evenings, nights and weekends are buffer time for projects that are running late and the concept of a holiday is usually speaking at a conference. The rare moments you do have some time you want to make sure your blog doesn't gather too much dust, or heaven forbid record a podcast episode (not sure when I'll get round to that again)

I've been living the geek lifestyle for a good three years now and its slowly taking its toll on my sanity. It have without a doubt been some very exciting times, making money doing what you love to do and seeing more of the world than I could've ever imagined (Africa, South-America and Antarctica are still left on my todo list though).

That said, I'm taking some time off this summer -- heading to my home away from home India for a good few weeks -- without a laptop and with very limited access to the internet. Lets hope I can keep the technology withdrawal symptoms under control. I'll be having a little think about how to move forward with the business, most likely I'll be focusing more on consultancy and training for Flex and AIR.

Looks like you guys will be getting your hands on the OOAS3 book before I do, so enjoy the read and be kind in your reviews ;)

Never fear, I will be back and have some great events to look forward to including Flashforward Boston and the Adobe MAX conference.