Object-Oriented ActionScript 3.0 There's nothing quite like writing a book -- definitely one of the most exhilarating yet at times frustrating things you can do. Sas Jacobs, Todd Yard and myself have been hard at work getting the update to Object-Oriented ActionScript for Flash 8 written and we're now coming ever closer to a release date. The previous edition was one of the first major book projects I've worked on and was absolutely thrilled to see how well it was received by the community. I think it fills in a great niche for those wanting to get involved with OOP with ActionScript. Its not a full-fledged language reference like Colin Moock's must read Essential ActionScript books but rather provides a down to earth and pragmatic look at OOP principles and how to apply them to your projects.

While quite a bit of the new book is a straightforward port of the ActionScript 2.0 code to 3.0 syntax, there was a lot of focus on improving the code examples and case studies making them more practical and easy to follow.

I'm looking forward to seeing the book released and hope for an equally as positive reader response this time round. If you're interested in getting your hands on the book sooner than later, it is now available for pre-order (the links below are referrer links and help support this site if you are so inclined).

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