Multi-Mania 2007 is in full swing, and am loving it! can't remember the last time we had that many international speakers over in Belgium. Got a chance to catch up with old friends and finally meet Stephanie Sullivan and others I've known for years but never had a chance to meet in person. I finished my presentation on Object-Oriented Programming in ActionScript 3.0 a little while back and promised to put my slides up on the blog (see below). Now sitting in Dave Schroeder's excellent talk on sound design -- funny guy!

Unfortunately the firewall restrictions didn't allow me to demo Darron's FVNC and some NNTP and SMTP AS3 implementations but be sure to check those out if you want some inspiration on what can be achieved with ActionScript 3.0.

Download my session notes (PDF)

Looks like Sven Dens was live blogging sessions he's attended today so here are his notes on what I've talked about in my session: