I've been back from Toronto for a couple of days now and have had a wonderful time. It was my first time attending FITC and it didn't disappoint -- good venue, great sessions and parties going on every night. Congrats Shawn Pucknell and team!

The most inspirational talk was without a doubt that of John Maeda on Simplicity, I really need to get his latest book. Most of all I enjoyed meeting up with friends and colleagues and finally putting faces to names of people I've followed online for some years.

Had some good fun hanging out with Tink, LordAlex, Oscar et al. as our little group of rogue non-speaking speakers at the event ;) Not the mention the incomparable Chris Mills, the friendly giant and editor at Friends of ED.

It was definitely worth the trip over!

Next up is Flashconference in Stuttgart, just finishing up my presentation and look forward to meeting many of the guys there again. Was happy to hear some of the Papervision3D guys (proud winners of two FITC awards) will be heading down there as well.

If you're attending, be sure to come and say hi -- I'll be down there for the from May 2nd until the 5th, hopefully catching a couple of interesting sessions at FMX in between working through some dreaded deadlines.