Its become more or less a tradition to list the sessions I plan to attend at an upcoming conference, so here goes for FITC in Toronto next week.

Sunday April 22nd

Red5 - John Grden & Chris Allen ActionScript 3.0 - Colin Moock Design Patterns - Tim Willison Relationships + Skills = Money - Kevin Airgid Adobe Keynote Bridging the gap 2D / 3D - Agnus Kneale

Monday April 23rd

Stop Worrying, Love Frameworks - Fraser Campbell & Jon Morley Pricing and Contract for Digital Media Pro's - R Blank Animation Workflows in Flash CS3 - Robert Penner Components and AS3 - Grant Skinner Photoshop CS3 Tour - John Nack Component Based Development - Chafic Kazoun Simplicity: What does that mean? - John Maeda

Tuesday April 24th

Apollo outside the box - Keith Peters Introducing the Chumby - Steven Tomlin & Duane Maxwell Experience information - Marcos Weskamp Papervision3D - Carlos Ulloa AS2 to AS3 migration - Stacey Mulcahy North Kingdom Projects - Robert Lindström & Staffan Lamm

Not sure how zealously I'll keep to this schedule but am very pleased with the mix of technical, creative and business sessions. Nonetheless still difficult to choose with so many interesting sessions overlapping. There are parties every night of the conference so looks like we'll have ourselves a wonderful conference here.

There's supposed to be an open source Flash meet up some time during the conference as well, if you'll be there be sure to come by and say hi!