Just read an interesting post by JD where he talks about how little Microsoft staff have commented on Apollo compared to the rest of the blogosphere -- Scott Barnes, seems to be one of the few that is open to some debate on the topic and, although his position is pretty clear, he does at least come up with some valid arguments (as opposed to Parvez Ansari's recent post which caused a bit of a stir ;) )

Is this corporate strategy? Possibly. It'd be painful to see staff blogs censored or dictated to by its employer but guess its fast becoming a fact of life we'll have to deal with (and more importantly be aware of). Should your opinions be heat welded to the companies latest marketing campaign, let me vote NO. Those "views are my own and not those of my employer" notices on blogs are not just there as decoration or to create a public diversion.

Could it just be the case of Microsoft not being very excited about the latest Adobe offerings? Possibly. Can't say I've seen a huge amount of WPF posts on Adobe staff blogs either (though probably a lot more than we've seen the other way round). The time of honest discussion and friendly competition between Microsoft and Adobe seems to have come to a close.

I'd like to call for some open debate and not have the current antagonism escalate -- innovation happens through competition and closing your eyes to what is happening outside your own small world does not help anyone. Lee Brimelow recently had a useful blog entry clearing up some confusion around the latest Microsoft and Adobe technologies coming out.

Its not a win or lose situation here, there is no reason to think Microsoft won't be successful if Adobe's Apollo initiative takes off or that Apollo will fail if WPF gets widely adopted. In the end, is this all about perception of who dominates the niche of the web/desktop crossover?

On another somewhat unrelated note, reading through the comments on John's post made me think about the need to have some insight in commenter reputation. This might be an interesting area for OpenID initiatives to get involved with.