Today is the day, Adobe Creative Suite 3 is getting launched! Don't got overly excited yet, it won't be shipping just yet but the announcement of all those new goodies to play with should have you grabbing for your wallet to preorder (lets not get depressed about the whole Euro vs USD pricing issue here).

Creative Suite CS3 comes in six different flavours: Design Standard/Premium, Web Standard/Premium, Production Premium and the awe-inspiring Master Collection.

What I find most surprising is the Acrobat Connect (formerly known as Breeze) comes with all of the CS3 versions, not sure what it'll actually includes though. They're definitely pushing that product, and rightly so.

Thank goodness they have a product selector up on the site because it is quite a challenge to work out which version of the suite is right for you.

Just looking at Photoshop (Extended), Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks and Flash CS3 people will have their work cut out to get to grips with all the new features -- and thats just the web suite. Lots of good stuff coming out for audio and video editing as well.

What can you say, it must have been one enormous task to get all these quality products out (and ported to Vista and Mac Intel) so nothing but respect to the development teams for their hard work. We'll be celebrating their achievement at our local user group tonight, as will many others around the world.

If you want to see the live event from New York City with CEO Bruce Chizen at 3.30pm EST, you can tune in at the following URL: (lets hope akamai does a good job handling all the traffic)

With Adobe reportedly giving away Flex books to people that have them on their Amazon wish list, I think I might just put a full copy of the Master Collection on mine... gimme gimme gimme ;)