I've been having a lot of fun with Apollo so far and want to walk you through one of the first applications I built. The FLVSnapshot tool allows you to load in an FLV file from your local drive, scrub through it and take frame captures as a JPEG or PNG.

If you want to give this app a go, the first steps are obviously to download and install the Apollo runtime alpha from labs.adobe.com, grab the FLVSnapshot.air file and double-click to install the application. The beauty of Apollo is that this same file works seamlessly for both Mac and PC.

To start using the app on the main screen you click "Load FLV" to open the window below and browse to a FLV file on your local hard drive.

Load an FLV

When you've selected an FLV it'll start playing back in the main screen, you can scrub through it and pause playback by clicking the video area.

Play back the FLV

When you've found a frame that you want to save out as an image you click the "Take snapshot" button which opens the following window where you can select whether to save out as a PNG or JPEG and set the compression value.

Save a snapshot

The application saves out snapshots to the desktop and prevents files from being overwritten by appending a number if the file already exists. As such snapshots taken from this FLV file called apollo.flv will output as apollo.jpg, apollo(1).jpg, apollo(2).jpg etc.

Hope you enjoy using it and look forward to your feedback!

Download FLVSnapshot.air Download soure code